Product Warranty Statement

  1. All Lightray luminaries are warranted by the manufacturer to be free from defect in material and workmanship.

  2. All parts, maintenance kits, options kits, spares kits, and accessories are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for 2-5 years (except where otherwise denoted) from shipment date.

  3. During the period of warranty, if the products can not work properly in normal circumstance and applications or have any defects above defined, the manufacturer should replace or repair the defective products for free. Any other costs incurred by this should be settled through negotiation of the buyer and manufacturer.

  4. This warranty becomes void if the item is modified, improperly installed or used, or damaged by accident or neglect or any other force mature.

  5. Any defect of products should inform the manufacturer immediately to solve the problem in time Note: Products returned must be packaged in the original or comparable packing. In the event goods are not so packaged, or if shipping damage is evident, it will not be accepted for service under warranty. If Lightray determines that the product returned for warranty service or replacement is not defective as herein defined, the customer will pay all handling and transportation costs.

Warranty Exclusions & Conditions Statement

  1. Warranty becomes void if the product is modified, improperly installed or used, damaged by accident or neglect, or if any parts are improperly installed or replaced by the user.
  2. The warranties given above are the only warranties given to you. No other warranties express or implied, are given.
  3. While Lightray's desire is to be responsive to your specific needs and questions, Lightray does not assume responsibility for any specific application to which any Products are applied, including, but not limited to, compatibility with other equipment.
  4. All statements, technical information, or recommendations relating to Lightray Products are based upon tests believed to be reliable, but do not constitute a guarantee or warranty.
  5. Lightray’s maximum liability for warranty claims is limited to the invoice price of the Product claimed defective.
  6. Lightray does not assume responsibility for delays in replacement or repair of products.
  7. Lightray shall not under any circumstances whatsoever be liable to you or any other party for loss or profits, lost data, diminution of good will, or any other special or consequential damages whatsoever with respect to any warranty claim made by you .
  8. No salesperson, representative, or agent of Lightray is authorized to make any guarantee, warranty, or representation that contradicts the foregoing warranty. Any waiver, alteration, addition, or modification to the foregoing warranties must be in writing and signed by an executive officer of Lightray to be valid.

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