Tennis Court Lighting Design & Layout

Illuminating a tennis court is determined by different organizations based on the level of competition being played on the court. These levels are often referred to as Class I, Class II, Class III, and Class IV. 

Class I: International & National
  • High level for international/professional grade – 450 lux
  • Top level of competitive playing for a large amount of spectators
  • Facilities generally include broadcasted tennis matches such as U.S. Open, Wimbledon, etc. 
Class II: Club Competition & Commercial
  • Medium level for club standard – 350 lux
  • Mid-level competition, high level training, average viewing distances
  • May include collegiate facilities primarily used for intercollegiate or recreational play
Class III: Recreational & Residential
  • Lower level of play or recreational play – 250 lux
  • Low- level competition, local, general training, school teams or recreational activities
Class IV: Recreational
  • Lowest level of play
  • Facilities strictly used for recreational play such as a public park

For different levels of play, the standard of lighting is determined by the United States Tennis Association and the ASBA. To assess your court’s lighting, follow these steps:

  • Measure the height. Measure the mounting height of your existing light fixtures
  • Measure the light intensity. Take some light readings on your court surface, or the PPA. This is when you measure the illumination levels across the playing surface.
  • PPA stands for Principal Playing Area. According to the ASBA, this area requires the most adequate lighting.
  • Measure the light levels with a Lux meter. Use a light meter to measure the light levels within the PPA. This measurement tool will record the foot-candles or lux of the court surface.

Compare levels with regulation standards. Using the regulation standards for tennis court lighting expressed by the ASBA, compare your level of lighting to the recommended levels. You can determine, based on your court’s level of play, the type of lighting you will require should you decide to renovate or upgrade your lighting system.

Ares series stadium light has a comfortable and professional lighting angel (V:45°*45° H:60°*10°*) to keep all light irradiate to effective range, provide an even distribution of light to provide a well-lit playing area for both the players and spectators.

We are greatly achieved high light efficiency –140lm/W. Ares-220W =400W HID, At present, we recommend to install 12 pcs 220W for a standard (6 Poles 2pcs 220W light Or 4 Poles 3pcs 220W  light) Two-Player Tennis Court, it can keep the even lux on the ground reached 260lux.

If you are searching for a comfortable tennis court lighting solution, if you want to expand your lighting category, we warmly welcome you to join us. If you also like lighting, like sports, please share this article, great thanks.

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